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Incense Cedar smudge “Amaterasu kicking!”



Calocedrus decurrens, with the common names Incense cedar and California incense-cedar, is a species of conifer native to western North America. It has many restorative medicinal uses – historically, the steam from an infusion of incense cedar bark was inhaled in the treatment of colds. Often incense is burned during rituals to symbolize the prayers of the worshipper, which are then carried along the smoke.

Length: 11 cm

Smell: spicy wood odor that’s commonly associated with pencils.

How to use: Gently unwind the string, set fire to one end of the smudge, wait about 30 seconds. Put out the flame and let the smudge smolder. Enjoy the natural scent!

Suggested intention: Spirituality, self-confidence.

Cedar incense has been used to help people overcome anxiety, self-doubt and insecurities.

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Please be aware that all the rituals were invented by us – simple Westerners. Inspired by different religions and cultures we want to encourage you to create your own, meaningful ceremony! The one that would work just for you. 

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Root, Solar, Throat


Spirituality, Self-confidence


Amaterasu – Japanese goddess of the sun. She is the highest manifestation of the universe.