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Seeds Ritual “Blossom”


Organic clay disc full of enriched seeds selection ready to be planted into the soil. “Blossom” contains powerful red colours in form of delicious, juicy fruits and meadow flowers. Poppies are perfect for attracting bees. As well as other, more intangible, things…

Seeds inside: Wild Strawberry (or Strawberry), Borage, Shirley Poppy

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Seeds Ritual is our humble intent to bring you the best of soil (horticulture) therapy. We have crafted our clay discs thinking about entire sowing experience; from the moment you open the box until you see the first flowers blossom. It is a simple tool that can assist you during the process of your inner work or meaningful celebrations with your closest ones. It encourages both sensory & mindful experience. 

You can lean on this ritual whenever you want to make your inner work more tangible, colourful and memorable. 

Inside the box: Organic clay disc with seeds + instructions + markers for plants.

How to use: Crush the disc over the soil, spread pieces over bigger surface (or save some for later). Cover with tiny layer of dirt and water. One clay disc is enough for cover 2x2m surface with flowers and plants. It can be planted in pots or directly in the soil outdoors.

Celebrations: Plant it by yourself, or with closest ones, to celebrate some special occasion. Some suggestions that we have already tried: birthday, sisterhood gatherings in nature, bachelorette event, anniversary, wedding… as well as divorce!

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Wild Strawberry (or Strawberry), Borage, Shirley Poppy (Average of 80-150 seed)


Outdoors: III (MAR), IV (APR), V (MAY), VI (JUN)
Indoors: Always great, when warm and sunny :)


Sunny 🌞


Attracts bees and other pollinators 🐝


Ø 9cm


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