TODAY Calendar + Box 2023


TODAY Calendar 2023 is a daily tear-off calendar with 365 perforated cards with mindful activities on different occasions. You can now start collecting your favorite cards in a TODAY Calendar BOX!


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The TODAY Calendar 2023 edition is about wealth! Abundance of inner resources that we all carry within, as well as the ones that we can access through studying world cultural heritage and building diverse communities.

This year’s calendar sections are:
Illustrations – Feast your eyes and meet the divine company.
Dictionary – Learn curious words from around the world.
Emotions – Improve your inner lexicon. Practice body topography.
Constellations – Collect stars from northern & southern hemisphere.
Quotes & Poetry – Nature and life in the eyes of poets and writers.
Week summary – Space for your after-week notes & doodles.



The black classic box made of solid paper cardboard will store your favorite cards from the whole year – you will be able to return to your favorite recipes or rituals whenever you want! Maybe you will decide to store in it also other items related to special events like your travel tickets or Instax pictures? You may decide! The box cover is universal, so you can collect cards from different editions of TODAY Calendar in it. 



Today Calendar 2023 comes with upgraded foldable paper back support that allows you to put it on your desk or kitchen counter.

Also… It has hardcover!

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We try to do all shipments from our studio immediately after receiving the payment. Once the calendars are sent, here are the estimated delivery times that you can expect:

POLAND (InPost Locker 24/7): 2-3 working days. 

EUROPE (UPS shipping): 4-5 working days. 

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Design inspiration

Tear off calendars were extremely popular from 50's until 80's. They were a discreet but important element of almost every household. Our mothers and grandmothers used them as an inspiration for everyday cooking or to remember name days of friends & relatives. TODAY Calendar is a modern, international version off the classis tear-off calendar. We created it to support you on your everyday journey in enjoying life. It is a reminder of a slower and more conscious lifestyle!


Certified ecological paper and production: Igepa UPM Book Creamy 2.0v 70g/m2

Ecological Production

Printed in Poland.


Hard cover.
Tear-off day cards and activities to collect for other occasions.


2023 edition: Pantone 3514 U

Calendar Dimensions

9 cm x 12 cm x 5 cm

Box Dimensions

12,5 cm x 9,5 cm x 6 cm